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by Ian Clark

FBT review:

Are you craving a unique and gripping fantasy read? Look no further than "Cravings" by Ian Clark. In this thrilling debut novel, Clark introduces us to Walker, a man burdened with a condition no one can cure, forcing him to lead a life he never wanted. Desperate for a normal existence, Walker embarks on a relentless search for a cure, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead.

Enter Bethany, another individual with the same condition, but with a radically different perspective. She embraces her cravings and will stop at nothing to protect her way of life. As their paths become intertwined, a tumultuous relationship develops, spanning years, until a shocking conclusion is reached.

With a fresh take on the vampire legend, Clark weaves an enthralling tale that explores the complexities of desire and the lengths one will go to satisfy them. Perfect for readers seeking indie book titles, "Cravings" offers a unique twist on the genre, guaranteed to leave you hungry for more. Don't miss this captivating journey into the unknown.

Publisher Description:

Walker is a man with a condition, one that no one can cure – a condition that condemns him to a life he has no wish to live. but he has no wish to die either. He is looking for a cure because all he wants is to lead a normal life.

Bethany also has the condition but does not need or want to be cured and will stop anyone that endangers her life. She knows what Walker is doing and is determined to stop him… by any means.

The condition has many symptoms including long life but the most important one is that it gives them… Cravings.

In his debut novel Scottish author Ian Clark takes a fresh look at the vampire legend and examines how it affects two sides of the same coin. We follow their tumultuous relationship through the years before they reach a shocking conclusion.

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