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What is Normal?

What is Normal?

by Ginny Scales Medeiros

Publisher Description:

Sue who is born into abuse and poverty. Sue defeats the odds, winning through her own grit, determination and humorous ingenuity. She makes her way from the back woods, living in a trailer with her uneducated, teenage parents, in deplorable conditions, and being abused by a close relative at 5, a traumatizing experience that could have derailed any child. Feeling invisible, she learns to take advantage of that invisibility and embarks on a Dickensesque-lifestyle of petty theft, out of necessity in order to survive, then becoming a child "entrepreneur" mastering the art of selling people goods. She realizes, she has a gift and will always survive.

By the time she is a young teenager, she discovers the misguided benefits of drugs and alcohol, and her life spirals out of control. Sue emerges from the most likely NOT to succeed into a success. She becomes a top automotive salesperson, breaking into the predominantly-male duo industry in the late 70s selling a car her first day and receiving a plaque which read "SalesMan of the Year"
From there she becomes a master at the art of selling.
Battling her demons, and the world's fantasy of What Normal is-She finds her way back to her authentic self.

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