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Ri-iha-mo, Celestial Mountain Goddess

Ri-iha-mo, Celestial Mountain Goddess

by Michael Hawking

FBT review:

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with "Ri-iha-mo, Celestial Mountain Goddess" by Michael Hawking. Explore the hidden realms of the Himalayas through encounters with the fabled Ri-iha-mo, ancient celestial beings shrouded in mystery. Unveil profound secrets about the Universe, our planet, and our true nature, disclosed by the Ri-iha-mo themselves in this thought-provoking and enlightening account. This book offers unparalleled insights and knowledge that will expand your understanding of the world and empower you in creating the life you desire. Perfect for readers intrigued by ancient legends and celestial beings, this 2022 Edition will leave a lasting impact on your mind and heart. Dive into the pages of this captivating book and be transported to the mystical lands of the Himalayas.

Publisher Description:

Journey into the reality of an ancient legend through this unprecedented first-hand account to explore knowledge that for long millenniums has remained concealed under layers of myth, legend, and secrecy. 5-star reviews: “A beautifully written account ... a most highly recommended book.” “Thought provoking and beautiful.” “Insightful ... reveals worlds we have long forgotten.”
Throughout Tibet, Nepal, and the Himalayan regions of India, there have endured remarkable accounts of the Ri-iha-mo, the “mountain goddesses” or “celestials” who, having arrived in antediluvian times, still dwell in a concealed region of the immense frozen fortress of the Great Himalayan Range.
Transcribed from the archived field notes and journals of explorer M.G. Hawking’s sixty-two months in a closed and largely inaccessible area of the Himalayas, this book contains comprehensive descriptions of three encounters Hawking and his companions experienced with what they believe were the fabled Ri-iha-mo, providing detailed accounts of the profound knowledge they revealed.
During Hawking's second and third encounters with the Ri-iha-mo, they disclosed extraordinary revelations about our Universe, our planet, and our true origin and nature, revelations that can greatly assist in understanding ourselves, our world and our role in creating precisely the life we desire. An incomparable book for anyone interested in greatly expanding their knowledge and personal power, and notably compelling for anyone interested in exploring the realities behind the ancient legends of celestial beings. Thought provoking and enlightening, this book will linger in your heart and mind long after the last words have been read. 2022 Edition, e-reader page count 328 (estimated, depends on the reading device used). For more information, please see the description and ‘Read sample’ feature on the book’s Amazon page. Thank you.

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