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Teen & Young Adult

Harry Potter, JK Rowling

While reading Harry Potter books I always feel I'm right there in the center of the action.
Soma Kar, author of The Old House By The Woods

Join Harry, Hermione and Ron on the adventure of a lifetime as they grow from child to accomplished Wizards, studyig at the legendary Hogwarts, encountering a range of lovable, and not-so-lovable fantastical creatures along the way.

It's no surprise that this series has done so well in the FreeBook Tips hall-of-fame: children, and adults all over the world love this timeless classic,  that will no-doubt be thrilling families for centuries to come.

What other authors saying about Harry Potter, by JK Rowling:

It takes me to place of wonder
Joseph J. Jordan, author of The British Empire of Magic

They write about the hero's journey via fiction, and give you real tips to grow and become a better, stronger person.
Christy Piper, author of Girl, You Deserve More: How to Break His Spell over You, Escape Your Toxic Partner, and Become Independent

I love emotional, funny and dramatic stories such as this.
Diana Nixon, author of Cole

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