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Science Fiction

Dune, Frank Herbert

I’m blow away by the scale of the universe and enjoy the complexities of the multi character storyline. Also, the villains are fantastic.
D. R. Hurley, author of The children of Zion

The scope, the adventure, the worlds, the plotting, the characters... everything.
David LaPiana, author of The Seeds of Akara

What other authors saying about Dune, by Frank Herbert:

It's such a unique story that I found myself wanting to become more and more absorbed in.
Josh Roberts, author of Clawing Free

Herbert envisioned a thoroughly populated universe of interweaving houses and factions. Complex but understandable.
Gregory Faccone, author of Tethered Worlds: Unwelcome Star

The conflict of the planet with lack of water, the Fremen, the sand worms, the sandtrout that wall off the water, and when the water is brought back by the people, the worms (that make the spice for people to thrive and survive once addicted to it) die off!
R.M. Schultz, author of Knights, Witches, and Murder