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Going Postal, Terry Pratchett

Gut-splitting fantasy satire by the master.
John Gorman, author of The Acolyte And The Amulet

Follow Moist Von Lipwig on a death-defying journey into becoming the head of the post-office, inventing the postage stamp and competing against the Grand Trunk Clacks Line  (an advanced method of sending messages using light semaphores).  A hilarious adventure sure to ignite the imagination.

What other authors saying about Going Postal, by Terry Pratchett:

Highly engaging and entertaining.
John Gorman, author of The Acolyte And The Amulet

What other authors saying about Terry Pratchett:

I had dozens of names of great sci-fi writers run through my head: from Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury and Ursula K. Le Guin to Adrian Tchaikovsky, Emily St. John Mandel and Margaret Atwood. Then I walked past my bookshelves with the collection of Discworld novels sitting on the third shelf from the top, and I smiled as I do every time I see these books. So I knew that the answer was always Terry Pratchett. His incisive humour and whimsical world-building conceals great social commentary expressed through that wonderful mix of fantasy and parody that never fails to brighten my day.
Khira Allen, author of Songbird Ascension

His writing is just pure genius and absolutely hilarious.
Iveta Ongley, author of Little Monster's Book of Feelings

He opened the world of fantasy to me.
Kaylen Fletcher, author of Distant Thunder

This author excels at world-building, so much so, that the reader is transported mind and soul to those worlds.
Sherif Guirguis, author of Through The Storm

They have an acute understanding of the human condition and scathing wit.
John Gorman, author of Quest For the Hope Box

Expertly mixes fantasy, politics and humour
Jesse McMinn, author of The Greencloak Wanderer

Hilarious comedy science fiction and fantasy.
C Grezo and Rupert Knowles, author of Pirates of Nebula Seven

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