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Evasive Gold

Evasive Gold Mauritz Fredriksen


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Evasive Gold is both a historical WWII novel and a present-day mystery seeking to reveal the past through a hunt for elusive clues from 75-80 years ago.
Two agents are each given a mission. One in 1940, and one in present-day New York. Evasive Gold follows both men – each in his own timeframe – until the final dramatic moment when their two paths converge.
In present-day New York, a false gold bar is discovered in the Federal Reserve Bank’s vault. Could the remaining fifty tons of the original party – supposedly smuggled out of Norway in 1940 – also be counterfeit? That gold cannot be tested in secret, so US Treasury Agent Jay Ricci is sent on a mission to Scandinavia: Find the gold.
But the secret has leaked, and someone else wants it badly. And Ricci is a fly in their ointment.
Eighty years earlier, Agent Peter Hagenmüller of Germany’s Abwehr Foreign Intelligence Service is stationed in Norway. He is given a mission: Follow the gold if the Norwegian resistance tries to smuggle it away.
In present-day Stockholm, Jay Ricci is flying blind and on his own except for two contacts: The smart and attractive Deborah Goodman at the US Embassy and Alec Henning, an American expat with an obscure past and a questionable reputation – and a hidden aura of power.
And Ricci needs all the help he can get.