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I'm a good cop. And a good man. At least I thought I was...
I have sinful thoughts about my prime suspect's beautiful sister, the young vet student I'm supposed to befriend to get to him. I've infiltrated her clinic as part of my job, which should be my focus. Undercover work is dangerous, especially when you're tracking a ruthless assassin. The sweet girl is off-limits, and a romance is out of the question.

But how can I do my job when she invades my every thought?

I picture her in my bed. In the back of my cop car. Underneath me. On top of me. I have to resist her… say no temptation. But she wants me to play with fire, begs me to cross the line. And I've never been one to say no to a challenge. Especially not one this sexy.
Maybe I'm not a good cop. Maybe I'm not a good man. Because I know exactly what I'm going to do to her next time  we're alone...