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The Cook's Game

The Cook's Game

by L. P. Peace

FBT review:

Welcome to the electrifying world of "The Cook's Game" by L. P. Peace, a breathtaking romance that will take your breath away. In this captivating tale, Keral, an extraordinary alien warrior, embarks on a mission to find Addison, a courageous human female who has escaped from slavery. As he dives into the depths of Caras station to search for her, he quickly realizes that Addison is not the fragile being he expected. Instead, she possesses a brilliant mind, unmatched beauty, and unwavering bravery.

In the lawless environment they find themselves in, Keral is determined to keep Addison safe from any harm that may befall her. Throughout this enthralling sci-fi adventure, readers will be captivated by the intense and protective love that develops between Keral and Addison.

"The Cook's Game" is a full-length indie book that delivers on all fronts - passion, action, and a guaranteed happily ever after. For those seeking a powerful love story with a touch of otherworldly allure, this novel is an absolute must-read. Whether you are new to L. P. Peace's work or a dedicated fan, prepare to be swept away into a world of romance, danger, and eternal love. Get your copy today and join Keral and Addison on their unforgettable journey.

Publisher Description:

A brilliant mind!

When Keral came searching for the human female who escaped her slavery he found her hiding in the bowels of Caras station. Informed Addison needs extra care, Keral is determined to take away all her worries.

Yet instead of a fragile mind, he finds a woman who outshines any he’s ever met, in intelligence, bravery and beauty.

But in such a lawless place how can he keep her safe?

If you like loving and protective alien males who are possessive of their Earth woman, then you'll love The Cook's Game. This is a full-length, alien sci-fi romance. There are no cliffhangers or cheating and a HEA is guaranteed.

Enjoy on its own, as part of the warriors series or get your teeth into the ongoing arc started with the Renegades series.

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