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Christmas Wish

Christmas Wish

by Chiah Wilder

FBT review:

Looking for a gripping holiday romance that will tug at your heartstrings? Look no further than "Christmas Wish" by Chiah Wilder. Set in Pinewood Springs, this gritty and emotional tale introduces us to Ryder Rossi, a war veteran trying to rebuild his life after losing a leg, and Savannah Carlton, a woman running from her troubled past with her young son. When their lives intersect, sparks fly, but can two broken souls find solace and love in each other's arms? This standalone novel from the Insurgents MC series delivers a powerful second chance romance filled with passion and redemption. With vividly written characters and a heartwarming Christmas theme, "Christmas Wish" is a must-read for fans of indie romance and lovers of emotionally charged stories. Grab your copy today and get ready to be swept off your feet.

Publisher Description:

Two broken people. One Christmas wish. A gritty holiday romance. Ryder Rossi dropped out of life. He came back from the war a broken and angry man. They gave him a Purple Heart, but it sits in the bottom of an old chest his dad gave him years ago. He doesn’t feel like a hero. Hell, he doesn’t even feel like a man. Honorable Discharge was what he got after losing a leg to a landmine. Hawk from the Insurgents MC has been his best buddy since Ryder came back to Pinewood Springs. The ruggedly good-looking biker used to be an Insurgent but he gave that up a long time ago along with everything else. All he wants is to ride his Harley and be left alone. When Savannah Carlton and her young son, Timmy, homestead on Ryder’s property, he sees red. It doesn’t matter that the pretty blonde pushes some buttons in him that haven’t been in use for quite a while. He doesn’t want her near him, and her son reminds him of the son he’s been forced to forget. Savannah is running away from her ex-husband’s family who wants Timmy. Her beat-up RV died on Ryder’s property, and even though the surly biker tells her to leave, she sees kindness behind his anger. She finds herself making excuses to talk to him, but she doesn’t want to fall for Ryder. Her life is screwed up enough, and the last thing she needs is a high maintenance biker. Can two mismatched, lonely people find the Christmas light in their darkened lives and open their hearts to a second chance romance? The Insurgents MC series are standalone romance novels. This is Ryder’s story. This book contains violence, abuse, strong language, and steamy/graphic sexual scenes. HEA. No cliffhangers. The book is intended for readers over the age of 18.

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