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Because of You: A Small Town Romance

Because of You: A Small Town Romance (A Bittersweet Harbor Novel Book 1)

by Karen Foley

FBT review:

Welcome to Bittersweet Harbor, a small coastal town where love is in the air and dreams come true. In Karen Foley's captivating romance novel, "Because of You", follow the journey of Savannah Belshaw, a young woman with big dreams of becoming a travel photographer. After a life-changing rescue at sea by Jed Lawson, the town's golden boy turned Coast Guard rescue swimmer, Savannah is torn between her fear of the water and the undeniable chemistry between her and Jed.

As a powerful storm threatens their town and their futures, Savannah and Jed must come together to rebuild their community and face their fears. Can Jed convince Savannah that he's in it for the long haul and that they can achieve their dreams together in Bittersweet Harbor?

Perfect for fans of small-town romances and inspirational stories, "Because of You" is a heartwarming tale of love, courage, and second chances. Discover this enchanting debut novel by Karen Foley and be swept away by the magic of Bittersweet Harbor.

Publisher Description:

In the charming coastal town of Bittersweet Harbor, there are the Haves and the Have-Nots, and Savannah Belshaw has become accustomed to not having. Six years ago, she fell overboard during a sunset party cruise and was rescued by Bittersweet Harbor’s golden boy, Jed Lawson. She’s never forgotten how he saved her life and protected her during that long, cold night while waiting for a search team to find them. The experience left her with a secret crush on her brave rescuer and a deep fear of the water. Following the dramatic rescue, Jed went on to become a Coast Guard rescue swimmer in Alaska while Savannah—well, she went nowhere. Stuck on Scanty Island waiting tables at the family diner, she dreams of her future as a successful travel photographer. In fact, once the summer tourists are gone, she’s hightailing it out of town to travel solo through Europe and nothing is going to stop her.

But Savannah’s plans could veer off course when Jed is reassigned to the Bittersweet Harbor Coast Guard station and makes it clear he is interested in knowing Savannah a whole lot better. With nothing in common beyond their undeniable chemistry, Jed is convinced they are destined to be together—after all, saving her life clearly changed his. But Savannah isn’t so sure. She knows Jed’s life is all about being out on the water—the rougher, the better—and Savannah has sworn to never step foot on a boat again. When a powerful storm sweeps up the coast and destroys the only access bridge to Scanty Island, Savannah must depend on Jed once more. With her family’s diner and her home in jeopardy, Jed jumps in to bring the town together to help replace the bridge. Can he convince Savannah he’s in it for the long haul and that she can achieve her dreams with him, in Bittersweet Harbor?

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