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Confident, Calm and Cluth

Confident, Calm and Cluth Valerie R. Alston


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In this guide are practical strategies to build up your mental strength, as recommended by a renowned Certified Mental Performance Consultant. Inside, you'll discover:

A deeper understanding of mental toughness – the key to winning is how strong you rise every time you fall
A step-by-step guide to regulating your emotions to have the best possible outcome in any situation – embrace your feelings and be mindful of how they affect you!
How to be a "coachable" athlete and let go of the obsession for control – be accountable, assess all situations with caution, and make well-informed decisions!
How to build a support team that will take you to the championship – winners rely on a solid support system; losers go to battle alone
How to stop being self-critical and give yourself much-needed care – nurturing your body and your mind will take you to places
The importance of setting goals with values – by aligning your objectives with your principles, you're bound to make your dreams a reality
Practical mental drills to help you develop and strengthen your mental toughness so you’ll always be game-ready
And much more…