Three Things Matter Most: Linking Time, Relationships, and Money

Three Things Matter Most: Linking Time, Relationships, and Money Brett Atlas


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If you took an inventory of your life today, would it be a story of a life well lived?
That’s the question Brett Atlas asks in his book, Three Things Matter Most—
Linking Time, Relationships, and Money, a collection of insights that influence the way people set priorities in their lives.
Drawing from the wisdom of the centuries, philosophy, psychology, as well as from personal experiences, Atlas explains that as the pace of our lives increases, we often lose track of what determines the quality of our lives—the basics: time, relationships, and money—not how much money we have but how we use it. Atlas says, “The book is ultimately a guide to help readers identify the most important and meaningful things in their lives. You only get one life, so I hope it motivates and inspires people to make the most of it.”
Although he didn’t originally plan to write a book, he has worked on material for the book throughout his life. “My dad always used to share wisdom and anecdotes, but when he passed away, I was saddened to find out he hadn’t written anything down. I thought of my own kids, and I decided to make sure they would have the benefit of all the crucial life lessons I’ve learned through study and experience.”