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Pumpkins and Peril: Psychic Sleuths and Talking Dogs

Pumpkins and Peril: Psychic Sleuths and Talking Dogs (Pet Psychic Cozy Mysteries Book 5)

by Max Parrott

FBT review:

Welcome aboard the Halloween cruise where the mysteries are as chilling as the sea breeze! In Pumpkins and Peril, the fifth installment of the Pet Psychic Cozy Mysteries series by Max Parrott, amateur sleuth Jasmine and her trusty canine companion, Luffy, are in for another hair-raising adventure.

After months without a new case, Jasmine is looking forward to a relaxing vacation. But when a gruesome discovery is made on the ship, she is thrust into the spotlight once more. With no police help and a killer hiding among the passengers, Jasmine must rely on her psychic abilities and Luffy's keen senses to unmask the culprit.

With its lighthearted and charming tone, Pumpkins and Peril offers a delightful blend of mystery and humor. Join Jasmine and Luffy as they navigate the treacherous waters of crime, all while enjoying the beautiful ocean views. If you're a fan of cozy mysteries with a touch of the paranormal, this book is a must-read. Jump aboard and help solve the case before the ship docks!

Publisher Description:

In the middle of the ocean, a killer lurks among them…

With no new mysteries for months and fresh off the excitement of her writing program, amateur sleuth Jasmine and her dog Luffy are eager to celebrate with a pet-friendly Halloween cruise. She’s sure that relaxing on the water will allow her to unwind and escape the murders which seem to follow her everywhere she goes.

But the high seas offer far more than she bargained for. As soon as they’re clear of land, a horrifying discovery thrusts Jasmine into the spotlight once more. With no police to back her up and nowhere to hide, all eyes are on her – and behind those creepy masks, it’s impossible to tell friend from foe…

In a race against time before the ship docks and the killer can slip away, Jasmine must unmask the murderer and solve this seemingly impossible case. Can Jasmine get to the bottom of it before anyone else meets Davy Jones? Or is she in way out of her depth?

"The lighthearted and charming tone makes Pumpkins and Peril fun and humorous with two delightful leads that make you want to solve mysteries with your dog."--5 Stars, Readers' Favorite

Pumpkins and Peril is the fifth book in the Pet Psychic Cozy Mysteries series. If you adore intriguing cozy mysteries with quiet seaside towns and a sprinkling of the paranormal, then you won’t want to miss out on Jaz and Luffy's fun and unforgettable adventures.

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