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Both Sides of the Law: The Casper Halliday NYPD Series Book 1

Both Sides of the Law: The Casper Halliday NYPD Series Book 1

by Nathan Roden

FBT review:

Discover the gripping mystery series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Both Sides of the Law, the first book in the Casper Halliday NYPD Series by Nathan Roden, will take you on a thrilling journey into the world of a young man caught between two sides of the law. Casper Halliday's dreams of becoming a detective are shattered when his father resigns from the NYPD under mysterious circumstances. Forced to navigate a turbulent home life, Casper's life takes a dangerous turn when he crosses paths with a notorious criminal. Both Sides of the Law offers a captivating tale of survival, unlikely friendships, and unrelenting enemies. Dive into this indie book sensation today and experience the gripping storytelling that has readers clamoring for more. Plus, get a sneak peek of Ghost Man, the second book in the series, included in the e-book edition. Don't miss out on this thrilling read!

Publisher Description:

He shared his father’s dream of becoming a detective.
A prison sentence was not part of the plan.

Casper Halliday’s dream began to unravel two months before his sixteenth birthday. His father, Bobby, resigned from the NYPD after fifteen years without an explanation. Casper’s parents fought. Sirens closed in on their home from every direction. The sound that had always been a source of comfort now brought only humiliation. Bobby Halliday moved out.

Casper’s dream dissolved into a daily fight for survival. All he wanted now was to finish high school so he could ease his mother’s burden.
On his seventeenth birthday, in the throes of depression, Casper made a bad decision. That decision brought him face-to-face with one of the most dangerous men in the city.

In Casper’s world, there is laughter and there are tears
There is light and there is bitter darkness.
There are improbable friends and unspeakable enemies.

The Casper Halliday NYPD Series launches with the most unlikely of beginnings.

Read Both Sides of the Law today!

The e-book edition includes a sneak peek of Ghost Man, Book 2 in the series.
Ghost Man—Book Two in the Casper Halliday NYPD Series
Available now!

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