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Stolen Diary: A Women’s Coming-of-Age Family Saga

Stolen Diary: A Women’s Coming-of-Age Family Saga

by Kathryn Lane

FBT review:

Looking for an enthralling and exciting indie book to read? Look no further than "Stolen Diary: A Women’s Coming-of-Age Family Saga" by Kathryn Lane. This literary fiction masterpiece follows Jasmin, a brilliant young woman struggling to connect with her disengaged mother. When she steals a diary, she uncovers secrets that could change everything. With the guidance of her grandfather, Jasmin navigates a world of science and music, torn between her dreams of love and acceptance. As the explosive secrets unfold, readers are taken on a gripping journey that will keep them guessing. "Stolen Diary" is a must-read for anyone craving a captivating and emotional story. Get your copy today and experience the power of Kathryn Lane's storytelling.

Publisher Description:

Jasmin is super smart, but…

can she deal with her disengaged mother?

when she steals a diary, she’s afraid to return it. Should she keep it?

must she act on the secrets she discovers in the journal?

Aided by her grandfather, Jasmin retreats into a world of science and music, and while he wants her to become the next Einstein, her heart is set on gaining love and acceptance.

You will adore this book because of the escalating secrets that are bound to explode.

"The explosive story that unfolds inStolen Diaryis enthralling and exciting and will take readers' hearts to unexpected places. Kathryn Lane has given us a gift." —Lowell Mick White, author of Normal School

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