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American Ghoul

American Ghoul

by Walt Morton

FBT review:

Discover a captivating and uniquely twisted tale in "American Ghoul" by Walt Morton. This paranormal fantasy novel introduces readers to the enigmatic Howard Pickman, whose dark secret is a matter of life and death for those he holds dear. Seamlessly blending humor, scares, and a fresh take on the supernatural, this book offers a thrilling journey that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

With echoes of Mark Twain and Stephen King, "American Ghoul" presents a classic coming-of-age narrative set against a backdrop of high school drama. Perfect for fans of indie book titles, this gripping story will appeal to those seeking a truly original and entertaining read. Uncover a new kind of monster and embark on an unforgettable adventure with "American Ghoul." Available now on

Publisher Description:

A funny, scary, and surprisingly fresh literary tale that invents an entirely new kind of monster for paranormal fans. In this book, you'll learn the strange story of Howard Pickman and his terrible dark secret. If anyone finds out the truth about him, it's death for everyone he knows.

“A classic high-school coming-of-age tale in the high-quality tradition of Mark Twain, Stephen King, and The Sex Pistols.”

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