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Ferryl Shayde - Book 3 - A Very Different Game

Ferryl Shayde - Book 3 - A Very Different Game

by Vance Huxley

FBT review:

Ferryl Shayde - Book 3 - A Very Different Game, the latest installment in Vance Huxley's thrilling fantasy series, takes readers on a wild and dangerous adventure. Abel must navigate Castle House, a mysterious and deadly mansion, in search of his true heritage. Along the way, he encounters sorcerers, an Archbishop, and a new schoolgirl crush that complicates his life even further. With magical secrets to keep from his mother and schoolwork to complete, Abel's quest is far from easy.

In a world where Taverners wield powerful glyphs, Abel and his friends must navigate the dangers of becoming too powerful. As tensions rise and new threats emerge, a simple Taverners game becomes a matter of life and death. Huxley masterfully weaves together magic, action, and suspense to create a gripping and unforgettable tale.

Readers who enjoy indie titles and are looking for their next favorite book will love Ferryl Shayde - Book 3 - A Very Different Game. With relatable characters and a complex plot, this thrilling fantasy adventure is sure to captivate readers until the very end.

Publisher Description:

After the huge battle with a leech nest, Abel now has the key to Castle House, a big old house wreathed in lethal magic. But the key only opens the first door, leading him to the next clue. His friends want to help but the house won't let them, and even the first puzzle needs sorcerer-level magic. Luckily Abel has something up his sleeve, or rather in his tattoo!

Even so, he'll need another missing key, and a way through all the other doors, before he can reach the mystery at the centre and claim his heritage. Along the way someone might work out just who or what a Fraggon is.

Abel might make faster progress if sorcerers and an Archbishop would be a little more helpful. Even his solicitor, magical of course, can't tell him what waits inside Castle House. Worse, magic isn't helping Abel very much with schoolwork, keeping magical secrets from his mum, or a new schoolgirl he likes much more than he ever expected.

With so many Taverners mastering their basic glyphs, some begin to think that magic gives them privileges and power. Abel and his friends, backed by Ferryl Shayde, decide to set out some rules.

It all seemed so simple, but as with most things magical, a big explosion is only a careless moment away. In a few frantic minutes, Bonnie's Tavern becomes a completely different sort of game!

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